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In Pakistan landlords manage properties on their own, most of the property dealers only provide the marketing facility and help finding new tenants. But there are situations when you need professional services like scheduled and eventual maintenance, to resolve rental disputes, deciding the rental increase, finding the right tenants, supervision of move-in and move-out process including inventory check and cleaning and timely collections of monthly rent. Dealing with the tenants can often be the biggest challenge. Sometimes their needs are not big or expensive, but the timing and urgency are. Property manager will deal with all these issues, alleviating you from the burden. So, this is why hiring a property management company makes complete sense.


  • Who want to get rid from a lot of headache of a Landlord and free up his time to invest in other places.
  • Who is not living within proximity of his rental property, he need a professional team to manage his property.
  • Who owned multiple rental properties and don’t have enough time to manage the daily affairs.
  • Who don’t want to become an employer, hiring employees comes with several responsibilities. Hiring an independent property manager will save from the burden of becoming an employer and dealing with HR.
  • Who want to minimize vacancy period and secure highest possible rent.
  • Who don’t want to actively manage the property, he needs a property manager to take care of routine maintenance and daily operations.
  • Who can afford and ready to pay a percentage of his rental income.


Peace full tenancy, care of the client’s property and zero vacancy are our prime objectives. We are keen to provide complete peace of mind to both the landlords and tenants. We provide customer service and help to create positive and long-lasting tenant-landlord relationship. We also supervise the timely payment of utility bills. Our property managers have dedication, commitment, passion for providing outstanding customer service and give priority to client interests and requirements.


We provide a single point of contact to the Tenants and Landlords, which ensure peace of mind and generate fruitful returns. We have divided our services into two plans, the Basic Property Rental Service and Premium Property Management Service. Features of the both services listed below:

Premium Property Management Service

  1. Advertising property
  2. Professional photograph of property for advertisement
  3. Tenant screening (Profession and Income verification)
  4. Arrange tenant viewing
  5. Tenancy contract
  6. Police Report of the tenancy contract on behalf of Landlord
  7. Rent collection and deposit to landlord bank account
  8. Supervision of utility bills being paid on time
  9. Stand as the main point of contact for tenant
  10. Move in & out inspections and inventory reports to protect the property value
  11. Managing cleaning service before move-in
  12. Periodic inspection visit of the property on Quarterly basis (Inspection team consists on civil, electric and sanitary specialists)
  1. Arranging repair and maintenance (Company shall make arrangements only; Cost of maintenance shall be paid by Landlord or Tenant, the one who is liable to pay)
  2. Managing tenancy disputes
  3. Consultation on rental increase
  4. 30 days tenant placement guarantee (For one year)
  5. Supervise eviction process and check inventory

Basic Property Rental Service

  1. Advertising property
  2. Tenant screening (Profession verification & Income verification)
  3. Arrange tenant viewing
  4. Tenancy contract
  5. Move in inspections and inventory report
  6. Police Report of the tenant contract on behalf of Landlord
  7. Consultation on rental increase