99 Marketing



99 Marketing started its operations in 2018. Although the CEO of the company has vast experience in telecommunications & real estate from the last two decades. He sat with his peers and observed the critical issues of Real Estate in Pakistan.  The challenges analyzed were: 

  • Trust Issues
  • Misinformation
  • No Consultancy
  • Delay in the filing process
  • The gap between demand & supply
To give optimized solutions for each problem, the CEO solemnly took an initiative to implement his learnings practically. 99 Marketing is successful because it does not help customers for money but for making long-term good relationships with them. However, today the company is positioning itself as one of the leading privately owned Real Estate Marketers in Pakistan.

Our mission

To deliver distinguished projects that meet the different leads of various groups and segments of the real estate investment society. Based on our inherited values and principles and our commitment to maintaining the leading identity in the Real Estate World.

Our vision

To excel in the Real Estate Marketing and Development Sector by providing quality, value-added projects, thoughtful changes for business communities to earn better profit returns. 99 Marketing achieves this through the solid foundation and values upon which the company was established.