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Park View City

Park View City is a CDA Approved, beautiful residential project by Vision Group in zone IV of Islamabad. The housing society has a 400 ft wide Main Boulevard which grants direct access from the highway into the society, furthermore, you can also get access via Kurri Road and Banigala. This housing venture is popular among investors due to its scenic views and high-end facilities.


Park View City, Islamabad is situated at highly attractive & reliable location considering accessibility, attraction, design, planning and facilities.Park view city is located at the center of Islamabad in Zone IV that gives a mesmerizing view of Bani Gala as well as the Margalla hills. Its location makes it valuable and luxurious and promises a comfortable living for nature lovers. Park view city is located at Molat Road, Islamabad. Bahria Enclave, Kuri Road, Kashmir Highway, Chak Shahzad, Serena Hotel and Islamabad Expressway are at approach within a 5-10 minute drive directly from the society.

Unique Features

Its main access is from main Highway thus traffic rush will be avoided which is a dream now a days. Park view City also holds other access from Bani Gala and Kuri Road. Accessibility features as discussed provide dual benefits as different access points will control the traffic flow from within the Park View City as well. In addition, the location features also provide easy choice of access towards any corner of twin cities I.e. Islamabad & Rawalpindi with limited distance from either of the twin cities.



Park View City comes up with distinctive characteristics preferred by general public & investors for housing societies now a days. The basic confusion commonly questioned by the purchasers of property in housing societies is that whether the prospective housing society possess necessary NOC and permissions for the purpose or not. preferably focused by general public & investors.

Park View City Islamabad is approved society from Capital Development Authority, Islamabad and possess necessary NOC & permission to start, develop & launch its project namely Park View City, Islamabad. Hence, their is no confusion to invest & plan to reside in Park View City, Islamabad.


Park View City holds land measuring 7000 Kanal which is naturally surrounded by lush green areas of Bani Gala as well as it is at only 15-20 minutes drive from Islamabad. Major access/entrance point of Park View City Islamabad is from Rawal Chowk at main Highway leading to Islamabad and linked with Murree Road as well as Kashmir Highway/Siri Nagar Highway. The society is also provide another gate from Bahara Kahu. Its premier location is facing Malot Road which is easily accessible from Kuri Road for which 200ft wide road has already been got approved from Capital Development Authority. Beside all, It is noise and pollution free location.



Park View City Islamabad has emphasized on quality and state-of-the art development and on-site infrastructure launching to facilitate and attract customers on modern grounds preference shown by the public as suggested by researchers of real estate. For the purpose all resources are being utilized through experienced Town Planners and reputable firms having skilled manpower as well as necessary mechanism including machinery.


The approved plan layout of the Park view city was given on 1st June 2018 by CDA and NOC. CDA websites are available to verify the NOC



  • This society provides you with modern infrastructure including telecommunication networks, roads etc.Commercial zones and buildings are separately designed in each sector to provide all needs to the residents of the society. These are especially designed to attract all brands and major stores of grocery. This act will contribute to provision of all living needs.
  • Park View City is ensuring security to its residents for which network of CCTV Cameras is being established all over the society which will be monitored through 24/7 control room connected with security agencies.24/7 security is assured to the residents as it is a gated community. They have an E-tag system and face and object recognition cameras are also fixed.
  • They have their own Electric supply unit. There is no load shedding in this society.Park View City has planned to establish underground installations for supply of electricity, thus, making it safe & secure and to control electric load.
  • There is a water treatment plant. 24/7 gas and water is supplied to the residents in all parts of the society without any shortage. Park View City is blessed with presence of underground water naturally which makes it an important and unique feature as water is available around 50-60 feet from ground level. Hence, water supply is not an issue at all. Beside establishing water filtration plants, residents will also eb able to utilize under ground water. Building of Dam is also under proposed and the work on establishing the dam has been started by Park View City, Islamabad
  • The infrastructure is dense with wide roads. The streets are also carpeted that are 120ft wide.
  • Sewage treatment plants are installed.
  • Lush green parks with walking and jogging tracks will remind you of the importance of living a healthy life.To provide facilities relating to extra curriculum activities and enjoy spare time within the society. All gender are focused to provide necessary installations in parks & zoo.
  • Botanical Garden will be established in the society to provide plants, herbs to facilities and entice residents for applying the same within their houses. Botanical Garden will be equipped enough to provide all plants and vegetables, fruits to the residents for healthy and fruitful life. Botanical garden is introduced for the first time by the society that will not only enhance the beauty of the society but also increase the fertility of the soil.


  • Winston Mall and Residencia offers intricately designed bedroom apartments, and split-level penthouses. A reflection of the luxury that the capital has grown to associate with itself, these apartments and penthouses are set to host generations
  • Full scaled mall with modern amenities and hypermart.
  • Multiple entry points and reserved parking for apartments and hotel apartment.
  • A Luxurious life style needed by you with all the modern facilities and amenities under one roof.


  • Can be booked on 30% down payment.
  • Installments period of 4 years(48 monthly or 16 quarterly Installments)
  • Maximum discounts on Net payments.
  • Maximum expected Capital Gain in 4 years.

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